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"Don’t you get it? I gave up trying the last day you pushed me away in person. Don’t you remember the way you saw the light die in my eyes? You saw them go from anxiety to complete surrender. I gave up on everything when we graduated. I only held on to the idea of being with you because I knew how much you needed me and I thought it was the only way I could save you and keep you here. I only reached out to you because I couldn’t take the anguish anymore of ignoring the fact that you’re secretly in this much pain from losing me. I tried to save you four times and you wouldn’t let me. You dragged me down with you every time I tried and slandered me for even trying. It’s fucking hopeless. You don’t want to be saved. You don’t want help. You just want to let it consume you. You just want to let it destroy you until there’s nothing left. You’re destroying me too. You left a huge impact on my life and I’ll never be able to fill the void of losing you completely. How do you expect me to handle the aftermath of your demise? My body can’t take that much guilt and pain. My heart feels like it’s been ripped out of my chest ever since the day we said our first and last goodbyes. It’s the finality that makes me feel completely dead inside. There’s nothing I can do to stop you. You have no idea how much this is affecting me and you’re too absorbed in your own self hatred to care." - save yourself, please. (via makemefeelsafe)
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ask a girl out as a dare

or a boy
or anybody
because that’s shitty as fuck

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